Highway One Asset Management


Highway One Asset Management was founded in 2019 by Stefan Culibrk and Andrej Jovanovic. 

The goal of the firm is to achieve superior long-term rate of return on capital. Its purpose is to enable select like-minded partners to join Culibrk and Jovanovic families in their investments in publicly listed businesses. 

Stefan Culibrk is the sole person in charge of investing.



We invest for the long term in competitively advantaged businesses run by honest, competent managers. We deploy capital when the business is selling in the stock market at a significant discount to our estimate of its intrinsic value. Buying at a large discount protects our capital and benefits our returns. 



Our partners, structure and location are purposefully selected to help us generate superior long-term rate of return. In an era when passive and quantitative investing strategies dominate flow of capital, we are structured to patiently wait until the price is right and invest aggressively when the opportunity presents itself.

We typically get the chance to invest when:

1) Market participants are obsessed with short-term outcomes (what is next for the business vs. what is it worth)

2) Corporate action and/or business model complexity leads to widespread misunderstanding of the business

3) Long-term effects of superior capital allocation and management expertise are ignored




Address: Ugland House, Grand Cayman, KY1-1104, Cayman Islands